Sunday, October 16, 2005

Talking without thinking

That would be me, talking without thinking. Today in church I asked for prayers for Todd's family, Haley's family, and for Annika's upcoming surgery. Riley was sitting with her little choir as they were singing today and it didn't even hit me that we had told her about Todd's death, but not Haley's. Yup, you guessed it. After church she hit me up with "Was the Haley that died the one who sang the liver songs?" And I said "yes." She cried a while, had some questions, and sang Haley's songs this afternoon and does seem to be grasping it a bit (she's already reminded Shelby to think of the circle of life in the Lion King movie and knows that Haley's spirit will always be in her heart). Its Shelby that I'm worried about. She just kept saying today "I miss Haley because she died. She won't be able to write any more songs." Then she would cry. Finally Scott laid down with her tonight to help her sleep.

Please pray for my girls that they can grieve and come to accept the natural cycle of life as it is.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Sad times here and fracture #7

Last Friday, September 30th, at 5:55 a.m. we received the call letting us know that one of Scott's best friends, Todd, was killed in a horrific car accident. He leaves behind 2 boys, ages 8 & 4, and many, many close friends as well as his mother, father, and sister. Then on Sunday I learned of the death of little 11-year-old Haley, one of our "liver" friends. We are so saddened here and are trying to cope with these losses of vibrant, young life.

On the day of Todd and Haley's funerals (Wednesday) my Mom watched Shelby for us. Shelby fell a couple weeks ago off the table at the doctor's office (see "What a day" post) and hurt her shoulder. Now, 2 sets of x-rays later, a large bump has formed at the inner end of her left clavicle just under her neck. Mom took Shelby to the orthopedic doctor (her one here in Rockford, not Chicago - she has 2, you know) and he feels its a fracture that is just not showing up on the x-rays. Why? Who knows. It is still quite sore for her, but she does use the arm fully until she bumps it. Picking her up still causes her pain and so does touching the bump. Its about the size of a large gumball, bigger than a marble, but smaller than an egg. If the bump gets bigger or the area gets red, then the next step would be a CAT scan with radioactive dye. Please pray that it just continues to heal and the pain lessens for her. She has already broken each collarbone (fractures #3 and #5), but has never had a lump like this.

Please, please also pray for Todd and Haley's families and all those whose lives they have touched.