Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I think I have enough brain power...

to give you the update on Shelby's ultrasound results. The cyst(s?) have grown since the fall. I spoke directly with her surgeon in Chicago about these results and he's not quite sure if its 1 cyst or 3, but either way, its larger than last time. He said its very unusual for someone with Biliary Atresia to have something like this, but still feels very confident that they are the result of dilated bile ducts and not tumors. He is very pleased that she is doing so well and not having complications from them. I asked how could that be and he said that the other parts of her liver are taking over most of the function right now and essentially this "bad" part is sort-of shut-down. He does not want to try to drain the cysts or fix the obstruction right now because any of the possibilities would be invasive and could possibly lead to her needing an external bile drain if the surgery did not work. long as she's doing good meaning no infections or pain from them, then they are just going to watch them closely. He said they could get large enough to put pressure on veins and arteries that are essential for transplant. If that happens then he would have to do something to preserve those structures even if she isn't having any complications from them. As long as nothing pops up between now and June she'll have another ultrasound in Chicago to assess them at that time. Does all that make sense? She just had her 5-year-old check-up at the pediatricians on Monday and now weighs 50 lbs. and is 43 inches tall. We had labs run on her and all looked pretty good. Other than her not wanting to go to sleep at night and exerting a bit of 5-year-old attitude (most likely from a lack of sleep), she is doing great!

Riley is doing awesome, too. She devours book by book by book......She is very excited about this new baby sister and getting to be quite grown up for 7 years old. Where did my fat little baby go?

As for me, I saw the midwife on Monday and have been told to moderate my activity. If I'm having contractions, then I am to rest. Well, that happens about every time I get up. Yesterday I stayed on the couch until 1:30 in the afternoon and by 4:00 p.m. my legs were swollen really bad. Today I had the luxury to stay in bed until Noon as my Mom kept the girls overnight. Let's hope this baby comes soon. I'm thinking next Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyone else have any dates in mind?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bed rest for the weekend, anyone?

Come on, join me in my boredom. Friday I came down with some type of stomach ailment and ended up spending the afternoon at Rockford Memorial getting fluids. They recorded contractions about every 5-7 minutes, but I'm not dilated, so I was sent home on bed rest for the weekend. If I'm good, then I can go to Shelby's birthday party Sunday night. I'm to call the doctor's office on Monday and get seen this week rather than waiting until my regular appointment April 2nd. Just thought I would keep everyone updated. I have the results of Shelby's ultrasound, but that will take a while to explain so I'll leave it for another day. Take care!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

34 week check-up

Today we had the estimated fetal weight ultrasound done. It has been confirmed for the 3rd time (for my reassurance) that we are having a girl. Also, her weight is estimated at 6 lbs. So, that's not so scary. If I go to my due date that would put her at around 8 1/2 lbs. My midwife still believes that I'll go about 3 weeks early like I did with Avery's sisters. I now measure at 38 weeks. I'm just measuring big because I am. No other reason. Everything looks great. Of course, I'm turning into a beached whale (those are my words). I'm tired, but can't sleep and really have nothing good to say about being pregnant right, seems time to have her! Don't listen to me. This little miracle in me is so precious I don't mean to complain (but I will). I'm just so ready for her to be in my arms. We got awesome 3D pictures of her today, too. What chubby cheeks she has! I'll have to sweet talk her Uncle Chris into scanning them for me like he did the last ones.Oh yea, and today...let's see, what could today be?!?!?! Shelby is 5!!!!! I can't believe she's 5!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

32 week check-up

Today I had my 32 week check-up. Drum roll, I measure at 37 weeks!!! The midwife said "you measure full-term!" "Yikes!!!!!" (that's what I said.) She feels the baby is about 5 1/2 pounds by now, head down, butt up, all that good stuff. In 2 weeks they are going to do an ultrasound to get an estimated fetal weight. If she's really big, like they think, they'll just watch me. I think their hope is that I go 3 weeks early on my own like I did with Riley & Shelby. When I asked what would be done if Avery measures really big I was told that if they think she is going to be 10 or 11 pounds they'll offer me a c-section! Yikes again! Well, here I am big and miserable...

30 weeks

32 weeks

O.k., it doesn't look like much change in the pictures, but trust me, I got bigger.

Last Friday Shelby had an abdominal ultrasound done here in Rockford to check on the size of the cyst in her liver. The only thing we know yet is that the radiologist wasn't sure if it was the same or bigger so Dr. Superina (her surgeon in Chicago) needs to review those results and get back to us. Then on Monday she had some x-rays & a DEXA scan done in Chicago to see if her bones are "normal" yet. If so, she'll be able to discontinue taking Fosamax. I'll let you know when we hear on those results. We spent the rest of the day at Shedd Aquarium and had a great, but exhausting time. Waiting to see SpongeBob cartoon in 4D at Shedd Aquarium
Hangin' with SpongeBob

Oh, and Happy 31st Birthday to me last Friday. My Mom made me a chocolate pecan pie instead of cake, at my request, of course. Thanks Mom!