Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Check out these photo albums I just created of October fun!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Crappity, crap, crap, crap....crap

Sorry folks. That was the best title I could think of. That's exactly what Scott & I are feeling. Why, you ask? Shelby's nephrologist, Dr. Langman (who manages her bones), orders a renal (kidney) ultrasound every 6 months to make sure that the Fosamax isn't taking a toll on her kidneys. The latest ultrasound was done in August, but we just had our appointment with him last week. He is thrilled with how well she is doing and ordered a DEXA scan and slew of x-rays for when she turns 5 in March. He'll assess how well her bones are doing then and decide whether to continue the Fosamax or not. So that's great news. It goes downhill from there. Then he mentions that in her ultrasound report the radiologist says there is a gallbladder-type something or another that they saw in her abdomen. We inform him that she no longer has a gallbladder as what was left of it was removed during her Kasai. This "thing" wasn't on the previous ultrasound. We all then decide that Dr. Alonso, her hepatologist, should take a look at the ultrasound report. Today I finally got a hold of Dr. Alonso's nurse and there is enough concern about what Dr. Alonso is calling a "mass with a cyst-like structure attached to it" for her to order a CT scan with oral and IV contrast. This most likely will be done next week at Rockford Memorial Hospital. Believe it or not, with all Shelby has been through, she has never had a CT scan. They are going to sedate her for it (yea!), but she still has to be cooperative enough to drink the oral solution before they give her sedation.

Of course, Scott & I are worried ALOT about this. What could this mass be? We don't even want to begin to speculate. Please pray for Shelby. Please pray that whatever they saw is now gone. Just gone. We don't care where it is or what it was as long as its not in our daughter's body. We are scared.