Monday, April 14, 2008

April is...

National Donate Life Month. Have you registered yourself as an organ donor since the law changed in January of 2007? Go here for more details. You have to re-register if you haven't yet. Please do....for Shelby, for her friends Annika, Natalie, and all the children at LiverFamilies. You know how we feel about organ donation. If you've known us since Shelby was born, you know that we pray and hope a liver is available for her when the time comes for her to need it. Wouldn't you want the same for your child, too? We've known all too many families whose children have not gotten their gift of life....all too many and its something we can prevent. Be a Hero...Be an Organ Donor.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Avery Elizabeth!!!

Our baby, 1-year-old TODAY!!! These past 12 months have flown by! She is such a joy in our family. We all love her so much! Thank you, Avery, for coming into our lives! Happy 1st Birthday, my little peanut! You overcame so much in your first few months and have just blossomed since.

Remembering a year ago...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Goin' Green

O.k., w/my new laptop in hand (actually on my lap, usually w/me falling asleep w/it there) I have been researching ways our family can become more green. We already recycle, shred our paper & give it to my parents to use in their garden (or we put it out in the recycling), always do full loads of laundry, try to limit our shower lengths (no easy task for me w/Scott & Riley in the house)...anyway, now I am trying using cloth napkins instead of paper, making my own cleaners w/"safe" for kids ingredients, installing an aerator on our kitchen faucet, and now (I'm so excited about this one!) using gDiapers instead of disposables. I'm so nnnnooottt a cloth diaper person, but this, I can handle. They are awesome & cute! A bit more cost than my Target disposables I was buying, but much more friendly to the environment. Just a bit higher cost than the Huggies Supreme. I think its worth the cost. Hopefully, by people like me talking about how great they are and turning on others to them, the company can lower their cost. Enjoy the pics of her in her little g's! I'd love for people to sign my guestbook w/suggestions of their favorite going "green" thing!
Also, Avery is 1 week into a milk challenge. She had allergy testing that came back negative so we are to slllooowwly add whole milk to her diet. She is up to 2-3 oz. in each bottle. So far, so good. And, she is our little carnivore. Ham, ground beef, turkey - she loves it all!

By the way, in 6 days she'll be 1! Wow!