Friday, April 26, 2013

A Year

Maybe that title should have more fanfare.  More hoopla to it.  It is to be read "OMG!!!  A year post-transplant - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!"  Yep.  A year.  It really has flown by.  The few months post-transplant seem to drag and then the speed picked up.  Shelby is doing magnificent!  She and Dave Jr. (her new liver) are getting along great.  At her 1 year clinic check up 3 meds were dropped - her Prevacid (fingers and toes crossed she can stay off it- she's been on that one since she was 5 months old), her secondary immunosuppressant (CellCept) and Mepron (the nasty, flourescent yellow antibiotic she had to take because she is allergic to all the other alternatives other than IV versions).  She did gain a new one - Vitamin D.  That level is low and freaked me out because if you remember back, she had osteoporosis.  I guess its common to have that one be low post-transplant, or at least that's what I'm believing for now.  She has to take a supplement once a week for the next 3 months then have that level drawn a month after she stops the med.  No biggie.  She has labs in 2 weeks, and then in another month and then....not until OCTOBER, if all the previous labs look good.  Unreal.  She is one of the leads in our church's musical this weekend (Lord help us!  Shelby, a stage, a mic...just follow your lines baby girl :-) I can see her up there doing stand up...

We had a fabulous time celebrating her 1st liver transplant anniversary!  Enjoy the pics.