Friday, July 13, 2012

:D :-) :D

Clinic DID make me that happy!  It went great!  This week she got to stop 2 meds - Nystatin and Valcyte.  They dropped her prednisone dose down to 10 mg from 15 mg and her Prograf level was within range - that is, the *new* lower range 8-10.  No more range of 10-12.  That means a tad bit less immunosuppressed.  Yay!  She is going to start up physical therapy again because she is very stiff when she walks and now has pain in her feet.  Those upper leg/lower abdomen muscles need some work.  She is also starting up her allergy medicine again due to a dry cough that is suspected to be post-nasal drip.  That is no shocker, though.  She was on it for so many years before transplant and me, Riley and Avery all take allergy medicine, too.  Labs in 2 weeks (locally) to make sure her liver is tolerating the lower prednisone dose clinic for ONE month!!!!  "Normal" is feeling pretty darn good!  THANK YOU ORGAN DONOR!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clinic tomorrow

Tomorrow will mark 12 weeks post-transplant!!!!  We are THRILLED with how well Shelby is doing!  The lloonnggg wait seems like a bad dream now.  So glad we made it through that and she was lucky enough to receive the ultimate gift of organ donation.  She's silly, sassy, has awesome comedic timing...she's full of life.  FULL.  OF.  LIFE.  The kid who has *only* been off oxygen for 5 weeks now is swimming like the fish she is.  Yes, we're very happy.  Tomorrow she should be able to stop another med.  One was stopped on Monday because we ran out and the team said it was o.k. to stop it then.  That was her Nystatin that was 4 times a day.  She's very happy to be done with that!  Tomorrow they should discontinue her Valcyte and lower her prednisone :-)  They should also lower her Prograf range from 10-12 to 8-10.  Very cool.  

This Tuesday is a fundraiser for Shelby at the Rockford Riverhawks game.  Tickets can be purchased up to Monday and 50% of the proceeds go to Shelby's COTA account.  Also, she'll be throwing out the first pitch.  How cool is that?!?!?  E-mail me with "tickets" in the subject line if you want to buy some.  They are $10/each and its Kids Eat Free Night.  Game starts at 7:05 p.m.