Friday, August 13, 2010

Not so much fun this week

This was supposed to be our week of waterparks and FUN. It turned out to NOT be that! I woke up Monday morning feeling rotten - headache, body aches, sore throat and exhaustion. Scott and the girls headed to Magic Waters without me with all of us hoping that a day of rest would put me on the mend. That was NOT to be. I had to call in sick to work on Tuesday and by early Wednesday morning my body pain was so bad I was praying for some relief. I think I was hoping some pain killers would magically appear before me. No such luck. I did get an early afternoon appointment with my doctor, though, who prescribed me Vicoden for my pain and a steroid pack. I also had some *mysterious* rash on my back that lasted less than 24 hours. He wasn't quite sure what to make of me, so he ran several labs including a parvovirus titer and a blood culture. He also recommended I stay away from the girls (especially Shelby) until we knew what I had. I stayed at my parent's house for about 24 hours and came home this evening. The labs that are done so far are all o.k. except my white blood cell count is low at 2.9...sound familiar?! This can be *normal* for someone fighting a virus and my body seems to like to drop the ol' wbc down when I get sick. It buys me another visit to the lab in a month for a re-check. This seems to be a recurring yearly theme for me if you remember how sick I got last fall with H. pylori. The parvo titer will not be back until early next week, but if I have it I should be past the contagious point. I'm going on 24 hours without feeling the need for Vicoden (yea!), and, obviously, by the time I am writing this post, am all screwed up on my sleep schedule from sleeping so much during the day. This thing/virus/whatever has knocked me out! Shelby and Avery did have some mild diarrhea this week and Shelby had a stuffy nose for a couple of days, but otherwise everyone else is feeling well. Just me. The lump on the couch.

Scott begins working 12-hour shifts tomorrow night so please say a prayer he makes his adjustment well. Thank you.

Friday, August 06, 2010


Avery, Annika with her GOLD medal from the Transplant Games, Shelby and Riley having fun in Chicago yesterday when we were in there for the girls to meet with Dr. Jill.

Shelby's labs this week looked stable, with her wbc remaining at 2.0 (no need to re-start shots at this point) and her ammonia DROPPED from the 120's to 52!!!!!!!!! This is wonderful! She will continue on the new med for the ammonia, but only has to take it once a day. No labs for 4-6 weeks! She is having some issues with the skin on her eyelids and next to her nose that is quite annoying, but not bothering her otherwise. She is an 8-year-old little girl and wants to look GOOD! Of course, she does, but it is not "pretty" to her. Prayers please that the 2 new creams from the dermatologist clear that up.

We will (or at least hope to be) busy this week using up pool passes and other passes that are only good for this summer. Scott does not have to work until next Friday night, but will start working 12-hour shifts to work out with his nursing school schedule. That will be another adjustment for him, as if staying awake and alert for 8-hour shifts at night wasn't hard enough!

We will be busy until school starts and then a whole new type of busy, but are enjoying everyone being HEALTHY! Hope this update finds everyone doing well! Take care!