Monday, December 03, 2012

Our Hero

This post has taken me a while to put together.  I know what I want to write, but its hard to do it without being overcome by emotion.  You see, we heard back from Shelby's donor's family.  Dave, age 43, father of a gorgeous little girl, Grace, and cute little boy, Jack, and husband of 16 years to his college sweetheart, Christy, was Shelby's donor.  Christy made the brave, selfless decision to donate Dave's organs after he had a brain aneurysm.  The doctors told her there was no way he would recover.  There is no way that we can thank her enough for her decision except to take care of Dave's/Shelby's liver the best we can.  I am honored to have a connection with them.  I really like Christy.  We hope to meet soon.  More to come later....

By the way, maybe you noticed I removed the post-transplant counter.  I kept it up until she was as far post-transplant as she waited.  The 223 day mark has been surpassed.  She is now off steroids and on only 4 transplant-related meds!!!  She's on a few more for IBS, but still FAR less than she's been on since she was 4 weeks old :-)

Friday night she had a fever and has been stuffy and achy.  She's home from school today and she had labs drawn this morning.  Yesterday I noticed petichea on her chest :-(  They can be *normal* with a virus, but let's pray her labs look good.  They will probably be a bit off because of being sick, but I'm hoping for just a "bit," not "a lot."