Wednesday, March 21, 2007

34 week check-up

Today we had the estimated fetal weight ultrasound done. It has been confirmed for the 3rd time (for my reassurance) that we are having a girl. Also, her weight is estimated at 6 lbs. So, that's not so scary. If I go to my due date that would put her at around 8 1/2 lbs. My midwife still believes that I'll go about 3 weeks early like I did with Avery's sisters. I now measure at 38 weeks. I'm just measuring big because I am. No other reason. Everything looks great. Of course, I'm turning into a beached whale (those are my words). I'm tired, but can't sleep and really have nothing good to say about being pregnant right, seems time to have her! Don't listen to me. This little miracle in me is so precious I don't mean to complain (but I will). I'm just so ready for her to be in my arms. We got awesome 3D pictures of her today, too. What chubby cheeks she has! I'll have to sweet talk her Uncle Chris into scanning them for me like he did the last ones.Oh yea, and today...let's see, what could today be?!?!?! Shelby is 5!!!!! I can't believe she's 5!!!!!!

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