Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm so horrible... asking for prayers and then not updating. I'm sorry to keep everyone hanging! Shelby's scope went great. About 45 minutes after the procedure she popped right out of the anesthesia and said "Is my test done?" and was hungry. She snarfed down an entire cheeseburger Happy Meal from McDonald's and we were on our way. Her varices are the same they were in December of 2005. Just some grade 2's hanging out in there, looking pretty innocent. Dr. Alonso did see some white plaque in the upper 1/3 of her esophagus which would explain Shelby's frequent throat-clearing and was initially thought to be thrush, but the tests came back indicating that it is NOT that. We are now to see an ENT to get to the bottom of this.

Avery had her 4-month check-up on Friday. She now weighs in at 15.6 pounds -yea for the baby who had a horrible time initially gaining weight!!! I'll try to post pics tomorrow night. Good night!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear that there weren't any changes and Shelby's scope went well. Good luck at ENT.

Good to hear about Avery's weight gain.

Mary O. said...

Glad to hear things went well! Danny got a reprieve this summer on the scope since he had bowel obstruction surgery in March.