Saturday, October 03, 2009

Better now

The meds made me feel so much better. I hit the ground running and put in 40 hours in my 25-30 hour week job. It was nice to be back at the school and interacting with my after school program.

Shelby went back to school last Friday, had her follow-up x-rays for her broken finger on Thursday (Yea! It healed fine.), and has an appointment with her local GI, Dr. Deutsch, for a hospital follow-up and labs again. We have to make sure her ANC keeps heading up.

Riley did not feel well earlier in the week, but recovered just fine. Avery has decided that she does not need to go to sleep at night, so we've been dealing with that fun in the evening.

And the BEST news is.....Scott will start working tomorrow at Rockford Gastroenterology Associates!!!! His CNA instructors called him up a few weeks ago saying that they got a call from GI Assoc. looking for a CNA and wondering who they would recommend...and they called Scott. I'm so happy for him that he is being recognized for all his hard work he is putting into his classes. For now, its a PRN (as needed) position, but hopefully will lead to a regular part-time schedule. He'll work 10-hour days possibly up to 3 times a week so that will be quite an adjustment to his homework time. I'm so proud of him!!!!! :-)

That's all for now (thank goodness!) for the Martin 5...


Bruce and Lori said...

Great news! I'm happy to hear everyone is feeling well and congratz to Scott for getting the job!!

Coralee said...

Cute kid.....takes after....her grandmother....ha!!!