Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still hanging in there

Life is moving at its busy pace.  Its about to get busier, too, as Scott begins his spring semester this week, starts a new work schedule and (hopefully) Shelby goes back to school full-time.

Tomorrow my Mom, the girls and I will head into Chicago for a day of fun at the Adler Planetarium (free w/Discovery Center membership - yay!) and then the Shedd Aquarium (FREE day there! - bonus).  We will spend the night at the Kohl's House and Shelby will have a full day of appointments on Tuesday.  This will be the first ultrasound of her abdomen to make sure her shunt is still open (please pray specifically that it is) and to see her surgeon.  She will also meet with her beloved Dr. Jill and her hepatologist, Dr. Alonso.  Busy, busy, busy!   I have myself really pumped up that her labs are going to be so awesome so they better be!  Scott can't make the trip with us due to work and school so that's why I've recruited my (poor) Mom!  I told her to wear her walking shoes and take her vitamins! :-)   

I'll update again after our trip....

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