Monday, October 03, 2011


....will be the 21-day deadline for UNOS to give an answer on Shelby's exception points.  I do know that Dr. Alonso, in her rebuttal asked for 25 points instead of 28 because that is what some centers said they would grant.  I've been told, too, that Dr. Alonso was very direct in her letter asking for Shelby's points to be reconsidered.  It was explained to me that the center's in our region (Region 7 - North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin & Illinois) are not all pediatric centers.  Sometimes the voting party at those centers need to be reminded that they are looking at a pediatric patient's situation, not an adults.  Please, God, let Dr. Alonso's plea have been convincing enough to get Shelby these exception points!

Shelby is doing well.  She had a virus last weekend that she passed along to Avery who passed it along to Riley.  Riley missed school today because she felt so rotten and, as I type, Avery is coughing up a lung.  Shelby, surprisingly so, is resting peacefully on her oxygen.  Scott and I have talked about, but have not decided if we will keep Shelby attending school if she gets these exception points.  We hate for her to be home in "isolation," but would be devastated if they had to turn down a liver for her because she was ill.  We haven't made a decision yet; we're waiting on hearing from UNOS.  We'll see what the team thinks, too.

Scott is still plugging away at nursing school.  It is about half-way through the semester for him so he will wrap up his Renal clinicals and start on Pediatrics soon.  That means "finals" for him, though, next week.  He is one stressed-out, worried Daddy.  Please say some prayers for him.  That he can concentrate on his schoolwork until she gets THE CALL.

Tonight I packed up my toiletries and some odds-and-ends for my long upcoming stay in Chicago.  I will so miss sitting here on my couch, snuggling with my Ri and Baby A....the list goes on.  I tell myself it will be temporary, but it doesn't make me feel much better. 

I will update when we hear on UNOS' decision.  

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