Friday, June 13, 2008

Home! :-)

I just copied my entry from the Liver Families those of you that read that, this will sound familiar!

We're home. This is the deal per Dr. Alonso (Chicago). Finish up the final 3 days of Zithromax. If this (fever about 102) should happen again and she isn't looking too bad then take her to the Pediatrician's, not ER. He will run CBC w/differential and CMP. If her ANC comes back under 250 then she will get a shot of broad-spectrum antibiotics that will cover her for 12-24 hrs. while blood/urine cultures "cook." That way she's covered w/antibiotic protection if they do grow anything. If she doesn't look good and has the fever and her LFT's are elevated, then she will be admitted for further observation/study. Each time her ANC drops below 250 Dr. Alonso will be notified. If it becomes a pattern, then weekly Nupogen injections will be given. They are giving her more leeway on the ANC level b/c her "normal" WBC is so low (2-3) to begin with. Right now we're just using good precautions in keeping her away from public places/sick people/extra good hand washing. This afternoon Avery woke up from her nap w/"The Cough" and now has a fever of it was something viral...let's hope it doesn't go around all 5 of us and then back to Shelby. Thanks for your info and prayers.

Night update: A dose of Tylenol has brought down Baby A's fever. She ate supper, had fun in her swing outside, had a tubby and is now sleeping. Let's hope her night is calm and restful.

I start a new job tomorrow. I still have my site coordinator position w/the after school program, but that is almost done for the summer. My new (2nd) part-time job will be as co-director of @ Centennial United Methodist church's Saturday Kids Club. I am looking forward to this as it is very part-time, there is back-up if Shelby (or Riley or Avery) is sick, and its working w/kids and in a very familiar church environment for me. Once I learn the ropes I will take Riley & Shelby with me as the program serves children ages Kindergarten-Sixth grade.

Thank you for the prayers for Shelby.

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Creative Cooby said...

So glad she's home! I hope Baby A gets to feeling better, you guys could use a break from sick kids. Let me know if I can help!

Lots of love,