Friday, June 20, 2008

The Puppies & splashin' baby

I thought I'd do a quick update since I have such cute pictures to show off. I have the luxury of being home alone w/Avery (she's napping, though) so I promised myself that if I mopped the kitchen floor I could have some computer time. Riley is at Totally Arts camp and then will be going to Coco Keys w/her Brownie troup and Shelby & Daddy are at Magic Waters.

Shelby got quite the treat on Wednesday to go w/Grandma Nea to see her neighbor's new puppies. Shelby is totally in love w/the mother dog and has been quite anxious to go see the 3 pups. They're only about 3 weeks old and Shelby got to hold all 3 of them! Enjoy the pictures! She had a wonderful time!

June fun
We purchased Rockford Park District pool passes this year for me & the big girls. Since Daddy is around right now, the 5 of us have gone twice this week to Sand Park Pool. Of course, Riley & Shelby spend their time in the big pool swimming under water, but Avery is really enjoying the fantastic kiddie area they have. I am appreciating the fact, too, that she isn't walking yet as I watched a mom w/a child a few months older than Avery chase her toddler around yesterday. Avery stays in one spot except when she decides to get adventurous and crawl a few feet.

I am almost done w/my paperwork for the afterschool program. One more to go! Yea! Then its play, play, play....I wish!

Hope your summer is coming along nicely, too. We like/appreciate being home & not in the hospital :) Thank you, again, for your prayers for Shelby. Take care!

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Carolyn said...

I would LOVE to sell stuff at your garage sale. Just let me know about 3 weeks or so in advance so I can get some stuff together! So glad you are checking my shop out. And feel free to tell anybody (everybody) you think might like it about the shop. Word of mouth is the best! haha, hope you guys are all well.