Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fun in Lovington, family time at the children's museum & the girls

We had a great time in Lovington visiting with our family. We took the big girls to a parade about 15 minutes south of my uncle's farm in Sullivan, IL on Friday. Not much candy was gathered as we were at the end of the parade route, but we were next to an awesome park with the tallest slide I've ever seen. The girls loved it! And, to make it even better, there was a carnival that started up next to the park after the parade. How much better does it get?!?!?! Scott and the girls made sure that I got plenty dizzy on all the rides. That evening we watched the Lovington fireworks from my Uncle & Aunt's 4-season porch along with the rest of the family.
4th of July

The next day was spent at the farm just enjoying our family. The girls donned swimsuits at one point to play with water guns and run through the sprinkler. Riley, our fish, dunked her head in a bucket I think in a desperate attempt to swim!

Sunday we all had brunch together. After we laid Avery down for her nap, Scott, me, and the big girls headed to Decatur to the Children's Museum of Illinois. That was alot of fun!
Children's Museum of Illinois

Monday started out with a bad thunderstorm and water standing in the fields and across the roads around my uncle's farm. We headed towards Normal around 11 to meet up again with our friends, the Tiede's. The weather cleared enough for us to spend the afternoon at one of their city waterparks. Lots of fun was had there and I got a GREAT picture of the 4 big girls before we left. They are beautiful little girls!Riley, Annika, Shelby & Frankie

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Sounds like you guys had a great time!