Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank you

Thank you to the person(s) who anonymously paid for Shelby's week at Camp Winnebago. She is having a wonderful time! I wish I could thank you in person, but I pray that you will read my thanks on here. I was shocked when I called last week to pay to find out that her week was already paid in full. What a blessing to us right now as Scott's ex-employer put up a fight in Scott getting unemployment. Then he had the nerve to not even be available for the hearing! ARGGGGHHHH! What an a**hole! I digress...Shelby really is loving camp and I am praying hard and crossing my fingers and toes that she doesn't pick up any "bugs." Her last time at camp she caught Rota virus and spent about 3 days in the hospital.
Riley is just being Riley...just beautiful, smart and, truthfully, she exhausts me with her knowledge. I just can't seem to keep up. Scott took this picture of her a few weeks ago with his camera phone. Great, isn't it?!?! She's a little hottie! Yes, we are already worried about her pre-teen and teenage years. She's finding out things can be a bit boring when your sister is at camp. She's done it twice this year plus 2 weeks of 1/2 day camp. Shelby survived, she will, too. As long as there are books in the house, she'll be just fine.Here is Avery trying out her little chunky legs at walking. She's been taking several steps for a few weeks now, but still isn't sure about the whole walking thing. She is so wobbly and CUTE! Crawling is still her preferred mode of transportation and her dirty little legs can prove that! She's wearing a pair of sunglasses that were Riley's as a baby, handed down to Shelby and now Avery is sporting them. She had her 15-month check-up last week and weighs in just under 24 lbs. and is 30 1/4 in. tall. She was crabby on Friday and Saturday and running a temp between 100-102, but it turned out to not be much of anything at all. She still adores her sisters and is very fun to play with.

Just wanted to fill everyone in on our summer so far. Take care!

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Carolyn said...

Hope Riley does well without her partner in crime. haha. I'm praying for you guys. Hope all is well.