Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Game Plan (for now)

I heard from Chicago. Since it seems that Shelby's HPS is mild (because her oxygen saturation level is good) every 1-2 months she needs to have her o2 sats measured after exercising. She sees the Pulmonologist August 17th so she'll have the first test of that then along with PFT's (pulmonary function testing). She must be watched very closely now that she has the HPS diagnosis, but as of today its not leading to her being listed right now.

I have to go digest this all now. Just wanted to keep everyone updated. Please keep the prayers coming. Thank you.

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Fred & Carol said...

I was thinking today that Uncle Freddie has developed a syndrome that may accelerate his bone marrow transplant and now Shelby has developed a syndrome that may accelerate her liver transplant and now she goes for tests on August 17th and Uncle Freddie goes for another bone marrow biopsy on August 17th....this is getting to strange.

In our prayers always,
Auntie Lu