Saturday, July 31, 2010


With Scott working at Rockford Memorial, we now have new health insurance. I am getting familiar with their website, how to review our claims, etc. For the month of July ALONE, with NO hospitalizations, NO home health, just 4 days of doctors appointments in Chicago, Shelby has racked up $5886 in medical bills. WOW! WOW! WOW! Her most recent COTA account balance (as of June 30, 2010) is $53,224.55. If you link to her COTA page it shows $75,782.13. That is a bit misleading to me because it does not reflect the true balance of her account. Yes, we've used up $22,557.58 and she is not even listed for a transplant YET. In fact, all her clinic visits this past month have revealed that she is doing *relatively* well. :-O So...if anyone has an idea for a fundraiser please let us know. Its been a long time since there's been one. Scott & I are "technically" not to head up one per COTA's rules, but are always willing to do a ton of work for it. Enough of that!

Shelby's new medication for her ammonia level has had to be cut back because it was giving her horrible diarrhea. That awful side effect was the whole reason the doctor did not put her on the Lactulose. The frequency of going has finally slowed down, thank goodness, but let's pray that there is enough medication in her to be clearing out that ammonia. Monday she'll have labs so we can see where her wbc and ammonia levels are at.

This past week, we used one of the *freebies* that came with her Give Kids the World Village passport and went to Great America. Enjoy the pics!

Great America

Then, on Friday, Scott, Riley & Shelby went to see the Thunderbirds practice at the Rockford Airfest. This was a special invite-only event extended to local Make-A-Wish families.


I will update with Shelby's lab results this week!

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