Monday, November 22, 2010


7:37 p.m.
Today Shelby had lots of fun with Miss Avery. She is feeling well. Please, blood cultures, stay negative so we can leave tomorrow. Enjoy the pics!
Avery & Shelby getting ready to go ride bikes in the hallway

Shelby on her hot-rod

Avery on bike #1

Avery in bike #2
Avery chillaxin'

All pooped out. Hangin' in bed together. :-)

10:01 a.m.
Shelby is feeling great and this morning's labs show that her wbc differential is much better. As long as her blood cultures continue to be negative as of late this evening, she will be sprung tomorrow morning. She is more neutropenic, though, but that is "normal" for Shelby these days so no one is concerned about that. Hopefully we'll have a very uneventful (medically) day; a day with Shelby is always eventful ;-) Thank you everyone for your prayers and well-wishes. I pray that this is our *only* bump in the road before surgery.


Carolyn Michelle said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you guys yesterday!! I'm praying for you all!!
Lots of love,

amber said...

Praying that the cultures continue to be negative and you are out of there soon.

Lori Martin said...

I'm glad she's at least feeling better. I was going to visit Ms Shelby today but wasn't feeling too well. I sure hope she gets out tomorrow.

Mami said...


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