Saturday, July 30, 2011


Shelby's O2 level fell to 75% during her test, but mostly stayed at 79% - NOT good.  The cardiologist has to do the "official" reading of the test, then that info will be passed on to the pulmonologist, THEN her hepatologist.  Then, we hear.  Insurance called today denying the oximeter unless the patient is on oxygen at home.  After relaying this to the pulmonologist's nurse, it looks like Shelby will be on oxygen.  Sigh...we don't know what all this means yet.  I will keep everyone updated.  Please pray.

Shelby and her Pillow Pet that she got for doing so well on her test.

Silly Shelby hugging her favorite 7-Eleven that we usually stop at on the way in and on the way home (bathroom breaks) from Chicago.  What a nut!

Ready for the test to start.

Patiently waiting.

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