Sunday, July 17, 2011

Please do not be shocked...

but, I am not just changing the header picture.  I am actually doing an update!!!

Let's see, where did I leave you all hanging...Shelby's PFT (Pulmonary Function testing) went fine.  BUT, her Pulmonologist still wants her to have a pulmonary stress test.  That involves a treadmill and doing the PFT's.  Shelby hates this test.  It is hard for her.  She's had it once before.  She has to have a Cardiologist present for the test since she's followed by a Cardiologist.  Whatev.  This delays the test until September, but all her doctors feel its o.k. to wait until then.  She has been doing well this summer with little to no chest pain.

She has done 2 weeks of day camp, and, like years past, has LOVED it.  I am very pleased with the staff at Camp Winnebago for handling the 6 meds I had to send with Shelby to take every day very well.  There is no way to work her meds to less than 5 doses a day when there are 15 meds resulting in 30 pills a day.  

Tuesday she has an abdominal ultrasound to check the status of her shunt and she sees her Hepatologist & Surgeon.  LONG day in Chicago for Shelby and her parents!  Please pray that all looks well, specifically that her white blood cell count is normal, that her platelets have increased and that her spleen has shrunk since her last ultrasound in March.  Hopefully (fingers crossed) she can stop taking the Plavix.

Riley just got back from a week at girl scout camp.  While it became very tough on this Mommy mid-week missing her girl, Riley had a blast!  

Avery did 2 weeks of 1/2-day Kinder Camp through Camp Winnebago and LOVED it, too.  Yay!  

Scott & I have been busy packing as we are moving to a brand-new house August 1st.  Yippee!  We will be renting it so we are NOT gaining homeowner responsibilities other than having to shovel the snow in the winter (they do that for us where we are now).  We just decided we needed MORE space and when our rent went up here, we started looking at houses.  We are very happy about this.  This move puts us in the Harlem school district, not Rockford.  While this is really good news in the long-run, it is hard to leave our Rockford public Montessori school.  The girls have mixed feelings about going to a "regular" school, but I know they will do just fine.

Please do not hold high expectations of me and trust that I will post an update after Tuesday's appointment, but, like usual it is my goal to.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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