Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Final word on the cyst (finally!)

I had to use my I-mean-business tone with Chicago on Monday and let them know how mad we were getting at not hearing from them. So, amazingly enough, Dr. Alonso herself called me back that afternoon. But..I couldn't answer the call because I had just dropped my cell phone (our home/cell phone) in a small bowl of ranch dressing. Why, you ask, was my cell phone around ranch dressing...well, don't ask...just remember I'm pregnant and allowed to do crazy things like that. Off to Verizon Wireless I went with my blood pressure skyrocketing, I'm sure. The tech guy was able to make my phone work again, but told me it was a goner and I'd better contact my insurance to get a new one sent out. Yea, whatever. Its working just fine. Anyway, before I left the store I listened to my voicemail from Dr. Alonso. I did also call back and ask to talk to her (which I did). Seems she was the relay person seeing as Dr. Superina would have called if he wasn't out-of-town for a few days. This cyst is located in Shelby's liver. It is most likely the result of dilated bile ducts and filled with bile. Since it is not causing her any pain or infections they're just going to leave it. In February she'll have an ultrasound to check on it and we'll pray and keep our fingers and toes crossed that it doesn't start giving her trouble. And that's that!

Scott and I were talking Monday night how funny it is we've been told our daughter has a cyst in her liver and how relieved we are. Mind you we've had 4 years of experience with this so that's how, in the grand scheme of crappy livers, this is not a big deal right now.

If any fellow liver disease parents are reading this and have experience with dialated bile ducts and/or cysts in the liver, please share your experience with us. We like to be armed with plenty of information for when this sleeping beast awakes.

Thank you so much for your prayers for Shelby. They mean so much to us and we can feel the support everyone is sending her way.

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Anonymous said...

Good news! (Well, relatively speaking...but you must be so relieved it's definetely not cancer.)
My fingers crossed, too, that this cyst doesn't trouble her.