Friday, November 10, 2006

HIDA scan results

Shelby last Friday before and after her CT scan

Shelby's HIDA scan was yesterday. Things went fine. No, she was not thrilled about having to be poked, nor was she happy about being still for the first scan, BUT after that it was smooth sailing. After the first hour, they let her eat and we were able to walk around between each scan.

The results showed "normal emptying through the liver
into the bowel," "no contrast goes into the cyst," and "doesn't appear to be bowel from surgery or bile leak." What does all that mean? Well, the doctors were hoping that contrast did go into the cyst so they could see its exact location and what it is attached to or possibly filled with. But it didn't show any of that. Now, on to more testing. We have to wait for Dr. Deutsch (Rockford) and Dr. Alonso (Chicago) to decide what the next step is. Most likely it will involve inserting a needle into the cyst while Shelby is sedated, drawing out the fluid, and then inserting dye directly into the cyst to see where it goes. Ugh. We just need an answer as to what this thing is!

Please continue prayers for our sweet girl. I will continue to keep everyone updated. Thank you.

Look close. She lost her 2nd top tooth.


Laurie said...

HI Jen, we are going through the same thing with Ashley. They found a 2 cm cyst on Ashley back in 2003. She had a CT scan and Hida Scan which revealed two more cysts. She then had an MRI, after the MRI, Her GI said they weren't cysts but masses. That he can't be 100% sure they aren't malignant. But we are hopeful. Ashley will have a tumor marker test next week then another MRI on January 3. We no longer believe that Ashley will live with her original liver as we have hoped and prayed. Cancer no, possible transplant yes.

moreena said...

well, huh. Is that good news you got? I can't tell. I'll be waiting to hear what Dr. A. has to say. Anni's already in bed, but I'll have to show her your blog tomorrow morning. I think she'll be pretty excited to see Shelby in those familiar hospital pj's. Solidarity, you know?

Jenn said...


Good read on me. Its just news, not good or bad. I'm curious, too, as to what the next step will be, but, whatever it is, I bet it will involve going to Chicago. We've lucked out on being able to have the CT and HIDA scan done here in Rockford. Watch for updates...