Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy 7th (wow!) Birthday Riley!!!

Yes, unreal, I know. 7. Seven. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7! Yesterday my firstborn turned 7. She had a wonderful day and, as you can tell by this picture, is cuter than ever!Shelby couldn't wait to give Riley her present. She woke her up yesterday morning to give it to her. Riley is a bit sleepy still in this picture.
Here is Riley's most prized birthday present. A beautiful vanity set from Grammie & Papa. Also you can see the flowers she received from Uncle Freddie & Auntie Lu from Florida. They're beautiful!
And this picture just shows you the cute things they do that help keep Scott & I from focusing too hard on all the tough things in life. Our hula girls. Oh yeah, they did the hula dance for us, too.
Today we'd better hear from Chicago on what the next step is with Shelby or I will not be a happy camper. Also, today I have my 16-week check-up with my OB. I have some extra testing that needs to be done, so please send some prayers my way. Thank you!


Chris said...

So do they still celebrate archaic practices such as the birthday spanking machine at schools or is that a just another lawsuit waiting to happen? If I remember correctly, it's a swat for every year followed by the inch-growing pinch. Well, tell Miss Riley that Uncle Chris fully condones those old-school theatrics and he's digging out his old college paddle just for this special occasion!!! :]
Thank your lucky stars you aren't as old as me or you wouldn't be able to sit down on your birthday!

Happy Birthday Miss Riley!

Marisa said...

I will never forget your birthday again becuase you share it with my brother.

Hugs,Kisses,and High Fives!

Amy said...

Hi there! Wishing your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!