Saturday, April 28, 2007

Avery needs prayers

As stated in the title, Avery needs prayers. Not only is she just maintaining her weight, but she is only taking in about half the milk she should be for her age and weight. She is still very sleepy and jaundiced and not producing poops like she should. Friday I took her to see Dr. Deutsch (Shelby's GI) and he had some concerns about her. Now, it could still be that Avery's system just needs to kick into gear, but he wants to investigate some things in the meantime. He did some blood and urine tests and Monday evening she will have an ultrasound on her brain. He wants to make sure that she didn't suffer any neurological damage during her birth. It was a bit traumatic on her. She came out really fast resulting in quite a bit of bruising and a fractured right clavicle. We are a bit shell shocked with all this coming at us, especially considering we have gone through so much with Shelby. Despite all these issues, Avery is perfect. Her little face is so precious.

Thanks to all those who are supporting Avery and me so much in keeping her a breastfed baby. While she is not nursing at the breast, I am still pumping away and providing my milk for her. This is very important to Scott & me. Please enjoy the pictures and send up many prayers for her.

Avery: Week 2


Theresa from Liver Families said...

Your daughters are beautiful. Hope the bili keep dropping. Hang in there she will get the hang of feeding. Keep pumping away.

Jill W. Marek's Mom said...

Yikes! I am so sorry you are having to go through this again. We are saying prayers that things are resolved quickly and that Avery is just getting a late start. She is just beautiful! I can see the jaundice and it takes me back so I can only imagine the fears you are facing. It's not fair, you shouldn't have to be thinking about all of this again! Keep us posted when you can!

Anonymous said...

How awful this worry must be. Best wishes for your sweet little Avery - I do hope things will change for the better really soon.
Sven (from LF)

Elly said...

Lots of love and thoughts for beautiful little Avery, I hope things become easier for her soon. That's great going with expressing milk, I know how hard it can be! What a lovely, gentle picture of your three girls :-) you must be so proud. Best wishes from Elly (Arthur's mum, ellypatt from LF)