Saturday, April 14, 2007

She's here!!!

I have to do this update quick. In a minute you'll see why. Miss Avery Elizabeth Martin arrived at 4:50 p.m. Monday April 9th. She weighed in @ 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 19 3/4 in. long. Right in-between her sister's sizes. Riley was 7.11 and Shelby was 7.9. Anyway, Avery is beautiful. Labor and delivery were quick (just over 3 hours from the time the midwife broke my water she arrived). She did break her collarbone during delivery, but that will heal fine. She is jaundiced, though. So much that we were doing phototherapy here at home, but now her bili is up to 21.5. Good thing is that her direct bili is only .6. Now (literally) we are headed to the hospital for her to be admitted for phototherapy. This road seems all too familiar right now and a bit scary, but we are trying to remind ourselves that Shelby's disease is very rare and that Avery's jaundice is probably very "normal." The pediatrician is worried about her being dehydrated as she is too sleepy to eat much. That's all for now. I'll keep you updated as I can. Please check out my Mom's blog (see link on right side of page) for updates and Avery pictures.

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moreena said...

Ack! You must be going crazy with worry. But that's great news that the direct bili is so low. That's really great news.

I'll be thinking of you all this weekend, and checking in for good updates. Avery is adorable, btw!