Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Definite Improvement

Yesterday Shelby had clinic in Chicago. The ultrasound showed no change in the cyst (yea!) and her labs are much, much better. She went back to school today b/c her immune system is working again! WBC in the 6 range! Woohoo! They are trying her on a new med for the re-occurring tummy pain. I don't have the name of it in front of me b/c I had my Mom drop off the script today at the pharmacy. Hopefully it will work. They were very impressed w/her growth and energy. They know that we had a rough week last week, but are very happy to see that she's bounced back, even if it did take a dose of Neupogen. She goes back in May to see cardiology and hepatology. Let's pray, hope, knock on wood, that no more icky viruses hit our house anytime soon!

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