Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shelby being admitted

(I'm home right now for a few minutes gathering up some things before heading back to the hospital. This post is copied from my Mom's prayer e-mail group for Shelby.)

Dear family and friends,
Shelby is being admitted to Rockford Memorial Hospital this evening through the ER. Yesterday all day, she had a low grade temp, but it went away. It was the third time since she had strep throat in January that this low temp thing happened. Jenn emailed Chicago. Shelby has an appointment March 11th for an ultrasound and clinic visit, so they said to wait until then. Then this morning temp was back and went up to 103. She complained of her tummy hurting and her throat being sore. Of course, it's Saturday. Fortunately, both her pediatrician and ped gastro dr. are on call and suggested some tests at the ER. Several liver numbers are elevated, although Jenn said her bilirubin number was OK. Warrants an admit, so they are waiting to go "upstairs" to a room. Lots of "things" are going around, but with Shelby, you never know. Avery and Riley are here with Thomas and me tonight. Please keep Shelby and Mommy and Daddy in your prayers. Remember her sisters too. Grandma's is nice, but it's not home! I will post updates on Shelby as updates are available on my blog

Grammie Cori

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