Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thank you Mom!

For those of you who have followed Shelby's hospitalization this week, you know that my Mom did an excellent job of updating. THANK YOU MOM! Behind the scenes, she was also juggling the care of Avery, Riley and my Dad (and sometimes me) and trying to stay sane. She became a grandma again this week, too, and spent some time loving up her new granddaughter. SHE ROCKS! I am so lucky to be her kid!

Shelby's labs yesterday looked pretty good. Her WBC is up to 3.1 and her ANC is just about 1500. Is it the Neupogen or her immune system doing it on its own? Only time will tell. We head into Chicago on Tuesday for an ultrasound of her cyst and for liver clinic. We'll see if her labs hold steady. Please continue prayers for her.

The "bug" is making its way through the rest of the Martin 5 as Riley and Scott are now coming down with it. I hope its stay is brief.

Here are some pictures my brother took of Shelby when he could pry himself away from his new beautiful daughter.

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