Thursday, December 04, 2008

Its better when you win it!

You know that catchy phrase from the eBay commercials? Yup, that's me. While I am busy eBaying (buying and selling) this is one of my Craigslist finds. I'm all for gently used quality items. This is a Hanna Andersson snowsuit and hat. How cute is this? Scott thinks its obnoxious, but that doesn't matter because I'm the one doing the shopping. Just wanted to share how cute she is!

Then she stopped to pose for me...check out the smile!
We will not miss this child in the snow! :)

Shelby is doing o.k. She has been to school all day every day this week. Whoohoo!


Coralee said...

Flower child.....I like her white hat too! Grammie

Thanks for the messages Shelby. I'll talk with you tomorrow. Grammie

Coralee said...

P.S. She has a hammy smile just like her mother did!

Carolyn Michelle said...

I know I know, thanks for being concerned about me. (:
I just can't get over how cute Avery is in that lil snowsuit.
And thanks for forwarding my invite to Chantel, could I get her e-mail address from you? I'd like to add her to the mailing list.