Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful Christmas! I just wanted to share some beautiful pictures of the girls taken lately. They are snuggled in bed with Grandma Nea and soooo excited about seeing what Santa brings. Riley did come out, though, after being tucked in, very worried (to the point of crying) about the people who wouldn't get gifts - who have worked hard, but still did not get what they "deserved." She talked about Shelby deserving more than broke our hearts. We reminded her how hard she works at school, how wonderful and helpful she is in our family and how we know its hard on her when Shelby is in the hospital. She DID deserve all she would be getting and we did not want her thinking for a moment that she shouldn't be getting gifts. This thinking was brought about from the message during church during the puppet skit. Poor kid...what a big heart. She was asking, "but what can I do to help those people?'' We talked about ways that she can help and she had a good cry. She's finally asleep. I love her so much.

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Carolyn Michelle said...

Riley, what a girl. That tears me up, reading what she said. Christmas can be so hard sometime, knowing people out there are having a hard enough time getting food, let alone getting gifts. We are all so lucky. That is amazing.
Love, Carolyn