Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shelby on the news!

This morning Shelby, my Dad and I had breakfast at Rockford Memorial Hospital. I was asked to speak giving a parent's perspective on the wonderful toys that their playroom has. I was more than willing to help out as this was their annual toy drive breakfast and it was an opportunity to show the donors an actual child who has benefited the toys, activities and games several times. My speech went well (sigh of relief) and Shelby was treated like royalty. Here is a small clip of her on one our our local news stations. She's the cutie-pie in the pink dress!. Two stations interviewed her, but I can only find the clip on the one. Enjoy!

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Carolyn Michelle said...

How exciting! i wish my dumb computer had proper speakers so i could hear the clip.
haha, see you tomorrow.