Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cute stuff!


Fourteen, I mean 9-year-old Riley, all ready for her school's variety show. She rocked the house with two solos. If I ever get the correct cord, I'll download the video.

Our toothless wonder. This is just a precious face - I love it! Losing her tooth was no easy task for her as she hates losing teeth. Period. Plain and simple. It came out while she was brushing her teeth Thursday morning and there was MUCH blood involved. I've never seen a kid bleed so much when they lose a tooth. (Liver parents out there, be reassured that her clotting time IS normal.) Once we cleaned her and the bathroom up she was very relieved that it was all done and over with. Me too. :) Also, amazingly enough, she is even more energetic since we've completely removed dairy from her diet. Could it have been that she was not feeling well from the dairy, but compensating quite good? Me thinks so.

What can I say?!?!? She loved her Daddy's homemade spaghetti sauce and ate 3 platefuls of it. This is her saying "Cheese." What a kid! Straight to the bathtub she went after this meal. By the way, she does attempt to use utensils. The fork just happens to be in her other hand!


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Carolyn Michelle said...

awww, all the pics are ah-dorable. Love the Baby A vs. Pasta pic. hahaha, too cute.
Have a great week!