Sunday, February 08, 2009

Osteoporosis on its way out the door!

On Wednesday Shelby received a GREAT report from the Nephrologist, Dr. Langman (a bone & mineral expert), who handles her Osteoporosis. From her most recent DEXA scan, her bone density is ABOVE average for her age!!! This is the same child who's bones were so thin 4 years ago that they could hardly see them on x-rays! Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The plan is to reduce her Fosamax from once weekly to twice a month for the next 6 months; then, the 6 months after that, no Fosamax. In one year, they'll repeat the DEXA just to make sure her bone density is holding its own. Dr. Langman has no reason to believe she'll need to go back on the Fosamax; in fact, he's very optimisic about her situation. So are we :-)


Carolyn Michelle said...

What a blessing! :D That's gotta make you feel good.

Fred & Carol said...

Way to go Shelby

Uncle Freddie and Auntie Lu