Monday, March 22, 2010

Shelby's 8th Birthday

My Shelby turned 8. Eight, Eight, 8!!! Wow! I loved it when she asked to hear "her story." We talked about how fast she came into this world - 1 push, 1 pull (the doctor had me put my hands under her armpits and pull her out) and what a little peanut she was. I then had to get out the picture album - that was way back before we were digital (ha, ha)! Her birthday weekend started out Saturday morning with a visit to the Discovery Center for their "Bubble Festival." Shelby loves to blow bubbles with soap and her hands as the bubble wand when she washes her hands. We watched a live performance by Geoffrey Akins which was amazing! We then played with lots of bubbles. She had a ton of fun Saturday afternoon/night with a friend sleeping over. The party theme was "Monkeys." They played at Monkey Joe's, made sock monkey heads, had all sorts of little monkey trinkets in their goody baskets, ate chocolate covered bananas and had, of course, monkey bread for breakfast! They wore matching monkey nightgowns, too. Yesterday, the big girls and Daddy played at a few parks while Avery napped and Mommy got some much-needed housework done. For supper, Grammie, Papa and Grandma Marian came over for Subway - Shelby's choice. It was a great weekend.

Shelby's 8th Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday my beautiful Shelby!

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Carolyn Michelle said...

Dear Shelby,
This sounds like a wonderful birthday! :) It has been such fun to watch you grow up. Don't forget that you are entitled to a late birthday date with me for some shopping!! Have your mom call me and let me know what days are good for you.