Monday, March 08, 2010

Tomorrow...5 days later....I'll get around to it eventually

Sorry to leave you all hanging there with the "I'll update tomorrow" line. Jeez! What kind of blogger am I?!?!? Shelby's check-up with Dr. Langman was good. Her bones look fabulous - "normal" - that's what we like! She'll have blood work done again in a year for him to make sure her levels are holding steady.

We are still waiting to hear on what med the GI's want to try her on. I think I'll be doing a "checking-on-the-progress-of-that-decision" phone call tomorrow. Dr. Mom & Dad (uh, me and Scott, that is) miscommunicated and just realized today that she has not had her Levsin (hyoscamine) since lunch time on Frid
ay. Yikes! (That's the one she's currently on for tummy pain.) Since she still has such chronic pain I was thinking it was not working - wrong! She is supposed to have it 3 times a day and her little body was missing it tonight. We got her script filled today and got a dose in her tonight, but the pain had already set in. Poor kid had a tough time getting to sleep. Major guilt-ridden parents here. :-(

We've had a busy weekend taking a road-trip yesterday in the North Aurora and Wheaton 'burbs to pick up some loft beds for the big girls off o
f craigslist. We met "Aunt" Tony (Martin girls joke) for lunch and managed to shop a bit at an outlet mall. (Wish we could have seen you, "Uncle" Julie!) Last night and today were consumed by assembling the beds and the bedroom. I'm tired, but for some reason am up typing this update at 1:23 a.m.....hmmmm....better head to bed.
Tony, Me and Avery

Uncle Tony and his Nieces

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