Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Some progress on the "new" med front

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

That is the approach I often have to take in dealing with Shelby's doctors and nurses. No, she isn't the sickest kid around, but she's my kid and she hurts, dammit! If they don't understand that it is a hard situation to deal with day-to-day, then I will *help* them understand by letting them know how much it is affecting my daughter's life. So, its been 6 days since clinic. No med has been prescribed - we haven't even been contacted about it. So yesterday we called...and this morning I called. Lo and behold, turns out Shelby has to see the GI in Chicago to get his input on what med she should be on...it was made out to sound much easier than that in clinic Tuesday. Because of our insurance, she can only be seen at the Lincoln Park location (main hospital, not suburb clinics) and they did not have an opening until JUNE. Yes, I said JUNE. Three...1, 2, 3...months away. NOT o.k. Shelby's liver nurse waved her magic wand and, voila, she has an appointment with Dr. Saps this Monday afternoon. Now that's what I'm talkin' about baby!


Coralee said...

Looking at the map, the suburban locations are not any closer anyway!

Jenn said...

Its not so much the location as the available dates. To see her in the suburbs would have been in early April, but at the main location it would have been June...until Cindy waived her magic wand :-)

Fred & Carol said...

You go girl....Mothers know best!

moreena said...


As a forewarning: Dr. Saps has the people skills of a 3-year-old after eating 3 pieces of cake and skipping naptime, but sometimes you don't need people skills so much as good advice/diagnosis/treatment. So he won't give you the warm fuzzies of Dr. Emerick, but who cares if someone can finally help with Shelby's pain, right?

Jenn said...

Thanks for the heads up! :-)

Carolyn Michelle said...

My goodness, until June? That is crazy. I'm glad you guys could get in sooner. I'm praying all goes well. :)
Carolyn Michelle