Monday, September 19, 2011


We have to be in Chicago tomorrow morning for Shelby's annual visit with the cardiologist.  Usually these are long, hum-drum clinics, but we actually have something to talk about now - her Hepatopulmonary Syndrome.  We're looking for more direction on how much/how often with the use of the oxygen.  Shelby's sats have been dropping even lower.  We've had her on as much as 4 liters of oxygen at night.  That's up quite a bit from the .5 liters we started at about a month ago.  I'm afraid her HPS is progressing rapidly.  :-(  This is such a scary time, but I try to focus on all the good that will come for Shelby when she gets a healthy liver.  We still have not heard on her exception points being granted.  She's only been listed for 11 days; UNOS has 21 to respond.  Sigh...time for my girl to get healthy.  She went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon and it took her until this afternoon to get her strength back.  That's not good....

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