Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Evaluation

We do a lot of waiting!
Shelby with Dr. Jill & the flower she brought her from Grammie & Papa's garden
Yesterday was incredibly l-o-n-g, but a lot was accomplished.  We met with all the members of "The Team."  The Transplant Team, that is.  From 1:15 - 5:45 one after another would come and talk to us; when they left, the next came in.  It was exhausting.  Shelby did really well.  We still have to go in for an abdominal ultrasound before transplant, BUT I should hear today or tomorrow that she is on the waiting list.  This is a scary time for us.  Exciting, too.  Scary because transplant is such a big thing.  Very risky.  Exciting because Shelby will no longer have liver disease and will feel better with a successful transplant.  Because of her Hepatopulmonary Syndrome, the doctors will be asking UNOS for 28 points on the waiting list.  We shall see what she gets....I will let you know when it is "official."

She only made it about 45 minutes at school today before she needed to come home.  Yesterday exhausted her.  Today she is resting in our bed, wearing her oxygen.  Hopefully she just needs this "recharge" time and we pray that she can return to school tomorrow. 

***Scott just informed me that he could not comment on here.  I forgot to change that setting back to how it was.  I think I have it fixed now. :-) ***


Scott said...

...and we didn't even throw up once!!

Coralee said...

LOVE the pics!!!