Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday Ultrasound

Yesterday Shelby had an abdominal ultrasound so the surgeon could see what's going on in there - a little pre-planning and sneak-peak for transplant.  All went well, I think.  There was some question about whether or not her portal vein was seen.  Its pretty darn important.  We'll see what they say.  It doesn't change her need for a transplant, but it could change what type of graft she can get.  Right now (before the ultrasound) it was a whole or split liver.  That might change if there's problems with her portal vein.  

We walked - well, 3 of us walked, 1 was in a wheelchair and 1 in a stroller - around the Lincoln Park zoo.  My Mom had not been there and throughly enjoyed it.  She took tons of pics, but I'm too tired today to put them on here.  We also stopped by Build-A-Bear because it was very important to Shelby that she make her own bear.  She still loves Lovzey & Keisha (her other 2) very much.  I figured the kid deserves another if she's going to have to go through a transplant.  'Nuff said.  She only made it half the day at school today.  Too tired.  After she eats lunch, I'll have her put on her O2 and lay in our bed.  I'm ready for her to feel better.

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