Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today we got the green light from Shelby's doctor to head home.  No donor, she's stable; not great, but stable; manageable.  They have complete trust in us that we can take care of her and we feel that way, too.  So, here I sit on my couch.  With a glass of wine (thanks Mom, what a great neighbor!) I am snuggled in the afghan my Mom crocheted for me. Riley and Scott are both studying.  Shelby and Avery are sleeping together in the hospital bed in our living room that home health delivered today.  It was hard as we got closer to home.  Hard knowing we went in to stay until transplant and have come home without that transplant.  My hope and faith in it coming are waivering.  I'll just be honest.  They are.  Forty days in Chicago.  40...and nothing.  At the top of the list for 50 days...and nothing.  Three living donors are no-go's.  Very frustrating.

I'm looking at this time home as a time to recharge our spirits.  This will only be temporary.  I pray within the month she gets her transplant.  That puts her at at least 2 months recovering...maybe, just maybe she'll be able to go back to school by mid-April.  That just about shoots her entire 4th grade year!  I want to get back to living, not treading.  This patience stuff is hard right now.  God is getting earfuls from me :-)

Tonight I'm tired, happy, overwhelmed, yet content.  We need help with meals, Avery play dates, Riley running, etc.  Just because I am home does not mean I can do everything.  Shelby's care will still take up quite a bit of my time and Scott is already up to his eyeballs in nursing school work.  Please send me an e-mail (the best way to get a hold of me) if you can help out with any of the above-mentioned at  Thank you.  Please continue to pray that some family, in their deepest time of sorrow,  has the strength to say "Yes" to organ donation.

I'm too tired to put captions on all these, but they're basically all the medical supplies we have now, reuniting pics and pics of all the stuff we had to move home.


angie said...

Tears in my eyes to see all of you reunited, especially seeing the love that those sisters have. Being home is going to be good medicine for Shelby and you....and then off to transplant you go:). Can't wait for her to be "on the other side", but glad that you are home to enjoy this time.

Margaça said...

Beautiful family! The love in this pictures made me cry...

Praying for the perfect gift to come ASAP!

Alice ( Martim´s mum from LF)

moreena said...

So glad you're home, but so sad that it's without a transplant.

Anonymous said...

Jenn I wish I lived closer to you guys so I could lend a hand more physically, but know there are many many prayers for you all from Iowa! Faith is a wonderful gift, even when it waivers & we question it, it will ALWAYS pull us through. This will all be a memory & Shelby WILL heal & you all will be STRONGER! Lots if love & continued prayers for a living donor or for someone to give "the gift of life". Hillary