Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No change

At Shelby's appointment today we met with 3 nurse practitioners.  All thought Shelby looked "stable," but were not able to answer my questions.  They said Shelby's doctor would have to answer those.  She's not back in town until Monday :-(  So, for now, we stay at Kohl's House.  Hopefully our *potential* living donor's results will be available for the surgeon to review tomorrow.   Please pray for a liver to come...soon...tonight...tomorrow...just come.


Linda C said...

I have been thinking about your family over the holidays and sending good thoughts. Hope that new liver comes through very, very soon.Sounds like you are all doing the best you can with everything going on. I hope it helps to know other people are thinking of you.
This is from Linda Cambier, Scott's Pediatric Clinical instructor at RVC

Becca K. said...

Come on liver!

Coralee said...

I'll second that, Becca!