Monday, February 27, 2012

Got more points!

We got a call late this afternoon from Shelby's nurse saying UNOS approved more points for Shelby.  Her PELD is now a 35.   The highest you can go (unless you are listed for multiple organs) is a 40.  Then its status 1b or 1a - we don't want to be listed as those (as they mean the patient has <7 days to live).  We are in shock that our daughter's PELD is so high, but pleased that this should put her in a better spot to *compete* for a liver.  My birthday is Friday.  Guess what I want?  A liver for Shelby.

We've had 2 men that are friends of my friend send in applications to be tested to be Shelby's living donor.  Because we do not know them directly it is considered a "good samaritan" donation and there is a 30-day waiting period before the testing can even take place.  That was a bummer to find out today.  

Please, please, please let her liver come soon.  Her baseline sats have been running lower; her pulse goes above 140 when she sits up too long; she gets dizzy when she gets up.  She just looks rough.  Her body is working so hard to keep up.  Her situation is really fragile.  So scary.  

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