Thursday, October 18, 2012


So, so gorgeous.

Today Shelby had liver clinic. We (Scott, Shelby and myself - Mom and Dad held down the fort with Riley, Avery and Benny) headed in last night and stayed at The Ronald McDonald house because her labs had to be drawn at 7 a.m.  Despite the rain and construction and my whining about both (sorry honey!) it was much better to head in last night then head in at 4:30 this morning. 

Boring ultrasound.  Holding still is *not* in Shelby's vocabulary.
Labs were drawn, we got into ultrasound early, checked in to clinic early, grabbed some breakfast and then walked back in the waiting room just as they were calling Shelby's name.  Clinic was running behind (no big shocker), but we kept busy with our electronics and with a visit from Dan, one of the Snow City Arts artists. 

Shelby, Scott and Dan the werewolf, the witch and frankenstein
Shelby's labs look fantastic.  Her liver is VERY happy.  Her wbc and platelets are still low, but they're keeping a close eye on it.  Her ultrasound looked great!  Her spleen keeps reducing in size from transplant.  Since the blood flow to her liver is good (thus no portal hypertension for my liver people) then they mentioned it could be the CellCept (seconardary immunosuppressant she needs to stay on until she's been off the prednisone for 6 months) causing those blood counts to be low.  Today she got the green light to stop taking aspirin and they weaned her prednisone further.  Instead of taking 5 mg daily she'll take 5 mg every other day :-)  Yay!  The plan is labs in 2 weeks (she also just started Sunday evening taking Hecoria - generic Prograf - so we hope that her liver stays happy with that change).  If those are good, labs in another 2 weeks.  If those are good, too, they she can stop the prednisone and we won't go back to liver clinic for......drum roll please....2 months!!!!!  Fantastic :-)  Thank you donor!  Thank you!

Shelby and Megan :-)
We then headed to the PICU to visit one of our favorite nurses, Megan, and to meet another "liver" mom, Jen, who's little guy, Nate, just had a living donor transplant on Monday.  It was great meeting her and he is doing really well.  
Jen and Me - "liver" moms

Tomorrow is Shelby's 6 month transplant anniversary.  To celebrate with her classmates, we stopped by Garrett's popcorn and got plenty to share with her class.  We're pretty darn happy around here.

Here's some funny pics from our lunch at Ed Debevic's.  Enjoy!

Poor Scott!  Look at what the waitress wrote on his hat!

Me and my middle girl

Scott paid with his Packer's debit card and the waitress brought it back on a plate with a piece of cheese - too funny!

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Beth Binger-Dunaway said...


Thanks for sharing the updates. It was awesome to see Shelby the other day and how wonderful she is doing. I continue to pray that Shelby will stay health and her liver will continue to love her.