Friday, June 01, 2012

Clinic at the new hospital

Yesterday we ventured to downtown Chicago for clinic at the new hospital.  It doesn't open *officially* until June 9th, but some offices and clinics have moved there.  Shelby's check-up was quick and great!  She doesn't have to go back for 2 weeks.  Her labs looked fabulous!  She'll do labs again on Thursday here :-)  We couldn't be happier with her "new" liver.  We're all getting used to having a puppy around and trying to figure that out.  Today was Riley's last day of 6th grade - she is now a middle schooler :-( sniff, sniff.  Summer has officially begun here.  Its very chilly here today so hopefully the warm/hot weather will be back soon.


Patti Fiorillo said...

How is the new hospital??

deb b said...

Jenn, Hi! I have followed your story for a long time. What a journey your famly has been on. I just had to write. I was wondering,has Shelby ever eliminated glutean from her diet? Our daughter has struggled with what was thought as IBS for years. She is now 32. By meeting a new friend she has such a different ending to her story. This new friend's five year old daughter is allergic to glutean. She suggested to our daughter to eliminate glutean from her diet. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!She is a new person. Just a thought for you guys.
Take care,

Deb B