Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clinic tomorrow

We head off early tomorrow for clinic.  Her prograf (main immunosuppressant) level was high so she had that particular lab redrawn locally last Friday after a med dose adjustment.  Well, that came back too low!  We'll see how it is tomorrow.  We don't have any concerns; we think she is doing fabulous!  All the girls had colds last week which they so kindly :-( shared with me.  They are all doing well getting over them - even Shelby :-)  Scott, Shelby and I will be staying in Chicago overnight at the brand-spankin' new Ronald McDonald House because Friday morning she has to have her monthly Pentamidine infusion.  No more Kohl's House.  Very sad, but this place should be hotel-like nice. 

Rockin' a 2-piece!
My Grandma was up for a visit :D

Riley looking awesome at Camp Winnebago

Avery...let's see.  She was a "Super Hero Puppy Dog" that day.  Ok, Avery....

Bye, bye big backup O2 tank!

Goodbye noisy concentrator!!!!

Little Benny had his first trip to the groomer's.  He's a whopping 5 lbs. now.

Avery sitting on the edge of our new pool.

"What?!?!  Its not filled yet, Mom and Dad?"  C'mon!"  Shelby can't go to any public swimming pools yet and our girls are fish!  I found this great deal at Big Lots and we now have a pool.  Bring on the heat!


Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

It is so awesome to see how well Shelby is doing. Hope labs go well today. Praying for safe travels and good results.

Adele said...

Uhm... pool??? When was I to be notified of this?!?! I'm coming over :)