Friday, June 15, 2012

:-D Clinic

No clinic or labs for 2 weeks - YIPPEE!!!  She got the OK to do summer tutoring, go to a wedding and go to camp in August.  Awesome!!!   But, her IBS is really flaring up.  She has a lot of tummy pain.  We're working with her GI on getting her back on meds to help, but we can't get in to see him until June 25th...10 more days.  That's a lot of pain for my little girl :-(  She's taking anaspaz (hyoscyamine), but we've had to double the dose and she's still having pain.  Hopefully we can get on top of this soon.  She was on 5 meds for this pre-transplant, but was not put back on them because sometimes the body can "reset" itself after transplant and they were hoping that her IBS would go away...doesn't appear so.  Prayers, please, for a pain-free abdomen for my girl.


Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

Love the new picture!!! :)

Praying that the IBS will calm down.

So good to see that she can begin to get back to more of a normal 10 year old life.

Connie (CUMC) said...

Praying the pain will get better ASAP!