Friday, June 29, 2012

GREAT clinic!

Clinic Thursday went great!  Shelby's liver is VERY happy.  Her numbers were the best they've ever been post-transplant.  She goes back in 2 weeks.  Her prograf level came back even lower, so now she's back up to the dose that made it too high (there's no middle ground; its a 0.5 mg pill that we have to play with, that's it).  So instead of 3 mg in the a.m. and 3 mg in the p.m. she's back to 3 mg in the a.m. and 3.5 mg in the p.m.  Tuesday or Wednesday we'll have that level drawn again to see where its at.

The new Ronald McDonald House is beautiful.  Fabulous, really.  It would have been really nice to recover post-transplant there.  We rested very well last evening. 
The bathroom - very nice and BIG!

Not the "main" kitchen," but the one on our floor.  Each floor has a gorgeous HUGE kitchen like this.  This is only half of it.

Shelby LOVING the new TV's in "day" hospital.  They have internet, built-in games, movies, etc.  Pretty awesome.

Waiting for her IV to be put in.

This morning she had her pentamidine infusion.  All went well...for about an hour.  Then she broke out in hives around her IV :-(  The infusion was stopped immediately and she was given Benadryl.  Luckily the hives did not spread and after being checked by the doctor, we were released to go home.  They did give us a script for an Epi pen which we filled at the hospital's pharmacy.  She is doing fine, but this just adds yet *another* drug to her already long enough drug allergy list :-(  They are going to start her on Atovaquone next Friday.  Let's hope she does not react to this one.  Preventing PCP pneumonia is very important. 
Textbook case of hives.

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Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

It is so awesome to read the updates and see how well she is doing. Hope Shelby's health continues to improve.