Thursday, August 09, 2012

CMV positive

We came into Chicago yesterday for 2 days of appointments.  I thought I'd be *smart* and get her liver labs out of the way yesterday.  We had them done before her first appointment and were surprised when the nurses called around lunchtime to say her liver enzymes were VERY elevated along with her white blood cell count still being low.  :-(  The plan was for her to get her labs drawn again this morning.  If they were worse then she was scheduled for a liver biopsy for tomorrow to check for rejection.  "Luckily" they were about the same, but she tested positive for CMV.   It explains her bad blood counts and elevated liver enzymes.  Amazingly she is feeling perfectly fine.  Really, she's dancing around right now.  :-)  Our team here in Chicago is OK with this being managed locally by our fabulous GI.  The treatment for this is 2 weeks of IV gancyclovir.  She'll have a PICC line placed tomorrow at Rockford Memorial and have to stay inpatient for a few days.  Then she can continue her IV treatment at home.  It will last for 2 weeks with frequent labs and monitoring her levels.  While cmv can be very "pesky" to get under control in immunocompromised people, we are very lucky that it has been caught early.  This is considered a Primary (first) CMV infection.  Phew!  I can't believe I'm saying that, but we are relieved.

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